About us

About Us

NoSpots Window Cleaning in Surrey and London is a trading name of SAG Brothers Ltd, a company established by two brothers-in-law – Casper and Tony.

About NoSpots Gutter Cleaning, Windows Cleaning and Softwashing

To offer the highest-quality window cleaning in Surrey and London, we have devoted a lot of our time and finances to provide quality training and to use the most modern equipment and technology. Our EcoVehicles are Euro 6 Standard and cover the latest European Emission Standards.

We use new and innovative technology instead of the traditional method of window cleaning for a more efficient and convenient service. Using water fed pole systems, we are able to clean windows, facia, cladding, solar panels, conservatories, and more. This method differs from traditional window cleaning as the window isn’t the only part cleaned. With our method, the window, as well as the window frame and seals, are cleaned. Additionally, unlike traditional window cleaning, we use purified water, so the windows are left wet after the cleaning and once dried, they look crystal clear without any smears or streaks.

About NoSpots Windows Cleaning in Surrey and London 2The water purification system we use is the Ionic Systems, a leading company in this field. Their Thermopure system provides pure hot water which has 0 tdc ppm. In other words, the water has been purified from elements such as limescale, phosphates, calcium, sodium, etc. using water purifying equipment to the point where only the H2O molecule is left. This expensive water purification system allows us to achieve the most desired streak-free finish. Due to the use of pure water, our method is chemical-free and eco-friendly. Furthermore, because of the nature of this type of window cleaning method, we can work during the winter and when it’s raining.

We are also able to clean your gutters by using a system called Vortex. The system allows us to safely reach up to 12m and remove clogged debris and waste from the gutters using a very powerful vacuum system. Your gutters will function properly again and you will not have to worry about them overflowing and pouring dirty water on you.

To ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and nearby pedestrians, we have invested in Health and Safety training of our staff.

Our team is fully insured and trained.