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Windows Cleaning Surrey

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning in Surrey and London

Window Cleaning in Surrey and LondonFor our Window Cleaning service, we use a Water Fed Pole System supplied from Ionic Systems – an industry leading company on the UK market.

This system uses mechanically purified water. That means the water is free from the natural occurrence of minerals and when used for cleaning it does not leave streaks on your windows once dried.

Our system is also equipped with powerful heater which heats the pure water to up to 70 degrees. The high temperature of the water provides further help for the removal of more stubborn dirt.

Using water fed pole system with pure water eliminates the need and use of a ladder. This makes the cleaning process safer and quicker for the cleaning technician and more effective for the client. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about a noisy cleaner peeking at your window. We respect your privacy and the technology we use allows to mind only our own business.

Pure Water allows us to clean in a rainy day as the rainwater naturally does not contain minerals and will not affect the quality of our service.

Once the cleaning is done your windows are left wet and they dry naturally leaving no unwanted marks. Our window cleaning system allows us to reach windows up to 20 meters above the ground without ladders. This is a far safer method than the traditional window cleaning.

What else can we do for you?

We can effectively clean solar panels, as well as your conservatory windows. Please be aware that if those areas are mouldy or turned green from bacteria contamination, we will need to use softwashing as a cleaning method. To learn more about softwashing, please click here.

We are fully insured and trained for providing high quality window cleaning service.
Get in touch with us to join one of our regular window cleaning rounds.

Gutter Cleaning Surrey

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning in Surrey and London

Gutter Cleaning in Surrey and London 5Maintaining the gutters in a good working condition is important for preventing damage to your building. The main purpose of the gutter system is to take away the rainwater from your home. If the gutters are not working properly the rainwater can damage your roof, interior or exterior, create mould or even compromise the building foundations. So, keeping them in clean working order is especially important.

How we are performing the gutter cleaning

Our Gutter Cleaning service offers our customers safe and effective cleaning.

We are able to reach gutters up to 12 meters above the ground using a telescopic pole system, equipped with a camera. This allow us to work safely from the ground while being able to see what and where we are cleaning.

What equipment we are using

Our equipment is supplied from Ionic Systems – one of the leading companies on the market, with more than 25 years’ experience in the industry.

Their Vortex Gutter Vacuum is strong enough to clean any debris which are preventing the gutters from functioning properly.

Gutter Cleaning SurreyHow often you need to clean your gutters

That depends on a lot of factors. For example, if you live in an area with a lot of trees that would mean more frequent gutter cleans. Otherwise, if your home is situated in a more urban space, with many new developments and less trees, cleaning the gutters once a year would be sufficient.

We recommend you arrange for gutter cleaning twice in a year – once in the autumn and once in the spring.

Contact us to request a custom quote and professional advice tailored to your specific building needs.

Did you know that clogged gutters are creating a good hiding and breeding environment for bugs, spiders, and small birds to nest? Timely gutter cleans could spare you potential pest problems.


Softwashing in Surrey and London


Softwashing in Surrey and London

What is a Softwashing?

Softwashing in Surrey and LondonSoftwashing is quick and convenient way for cleaning places like renders, roofs, fascia, soffits, cladding, solar panels, conservatories, shop or office signs, promotional displays, driveways, patios, etc.

It could be successfully utilised for the cleaning of both domestic outdoor surfaces and commercial buildings.

Softwashing is a revolutionary cleaning method that makes the removal of most stubborn dirt on hard-to-reach exterior such as render and roofs, possible. The method includes special cleaning solution and equipment. It must be carried out by professionally trained and insured cleaners. Softwashing applies low pressure to the surfaces that need attention. This is actually a lot more efficient and safer way of cleaning than high pressure washing. When using Softwashing cleaning you are prolonging the life of the treated surfaces.

This cleaning method is gentle to fragile surfaces like your windows or exterior paint. Such surfaces are often highly affected by a variety of environmental factors like rain, UV light from the sun, dust, and traffic film.

In addition, softwashing is the most effective and safest cleaning method for dealing with mould, algae, mildew, and other bacterial growth. In many British homes and business premises this is ongoing top problem, which sometimes can cause costly repairs. Luckily, the solution is available just a phone call away.

Our Softwashing Service in Surrey and London

Our aim is to provide a best quality service with minimal disruption to your daily tasks. We are professionally trained and fully insured company. When booking a softwashing service with us, it is important to know that we will need access to running water to complete the job. Other than that, you wouldn’t even notice us working. The end results, however, will be impossible to miss.

We pride ourselves on always aiming to deliver high quality service to our clients. Contact us now for a free quote without obligations.

Our Softwashing Service will revive the look of your property!

Why not book some of our other services to compliment the new look of your property after our Softwashing cleaning?