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NoSpots Window Cleaning – Who Are We and What We Do

The UK cleaning market is a very competitive and ambitious place to build a new business. But this doesn’t scare us. Quite the opposite, it motives us to prove our skills, knowledge and work ethic.

NoSpots Window Cleaning is a brand new company that focuses on a particular cleaning niche. We offer window cleaning, gutter cleaning and softwashing. Our services are aimed at residential buildings and commercial properties.

Why trust a company with limited experience

Like we said, we are new to the market, but not to the industry. We have invested heavily in training and qualifications to allow us to provide nothing but top-notch quality of service. We hold full professional insurance and relevant certificates. We train all our staff in-house and rely on modern technology to be the best at what we do.

What makes us better than our competitors

We believe in supporting business, but also consider healthy competition essential. That’s why we rely on technological advances to put us one step ahead of our competitors. Our professional equipment is supplied by the industry-leading company Ionic Systems. The technology we use allows us to carry out the service from the ground without the use of ladder. This makes the job a lot safer and less intrusive to the client’s privacy than traditional window cleaning.

Our cleaners work with purified water. This is another innovation that improves the quality of the service and ensures client satisfaction. Purified water is free from naturally occurring minerals in the water. Those minerals are usually the prime reason for the streaks that sometimes appear on your windows after they’ve been cleaned.

In addition, we are flexible in the provision of our service. Many people and companies wait for a clear day without rainfall to do window cleaning. For us the weather is not an issue and we can complete the job even on a rainy day. Rainwater is naturally purified and does not compromise the end results of our work.

We will provide the advice you need

No one is an expert in everything, and you don’t need to know all about exterior cleaning. That’s why we are here. Most of our clients don’t know when gutter cleaning is needed, what surfaces and stains could be cleaned with softwashing and what we may require in order to carry out our services. We always welcome questions and aim to provide the best advice our customers need. We will assess your particular circumstances and needs and present you with a custom quote and recommendation. Our terms and conditions are transparent, and we will always inform you of any requirements we may have prior to starting the job.

We are young, energetic and forward-thinking. We are NoSpots Window Cleaning – your best choice of a local cleaning service.

Contact us today to discuss your current needs and how we can help.


Softwashing in Surrey and London


Softwashing in Surrey and London

What is a Softwashing?

Softwashing in Surrey and LondonSoftwashing is quick and convenient way for cleaning places like renders, roofs, fascia, soffits, cladding, solar panels, conservatories, shop or office signs, promotional displays, driveways, patios, etc.

It could be successfully utilised for the cleaning of both domestic outdoor surfaces and commercial buildings.

Softwashing is a revolutionary cleaning method that makes the removal of most stubborn dirt on hard-to-reach exterior such as render and roofs, possible. The method includes special cleaning solution and equipment. It must be carried out by professionally trained and insured cleaners. Softwashing applies low pressure to the surfaces that need attention. This is actually a lot more efficient and safer way of cleaning than high pressure washing. When using Softwashing cleaning you are prolonging the life of the treated surfaces.

This cleaning method is gentle to fragile surfaces like your windows or exterior paint. Such surfaces are often highly affected by a variety of environmental factors like rain, UV light from the sun, dust, and traffic film.

In addition, softwashing is the most effective and safest cleaning method for dealing with mould, algae, mildew, and other bacterial growth. In many British homes and business premises this is ongoing top problem, which sometimes can cause costly repairs. Luckily, the solution is available just a phone call away.

Our Softwashing Service in Surrey and London

Our aim is to provide a best quality service with minimal disruption to your daily tasks. We are professionally trained and fully insured company. When booking a softwashing service with us, it is important to know that we will need access to running water to complete the job. Other than that, you wouldn’t even notice us working. The end results, however, will be impossible to miss.

We pride ourselves on always aiming to deliver high quality service to our clients. Contact us now for a free quote without obligations.

Our Softwashing Service will revive the look of your property!

Why not book some of our other services to compliment the new look of your property after our Softwashing cleaning?